Draft Website

This is a draft website. We need your input to make it better. Read below and provide input. Thanks!

Website review

This is a draft website for OWN IT: Building Black Wealth. It is a first draft with only the pages and text. We will be developing a design for the site and adding images when we get to second and third drafts.

Right now, we are reviewing the menu and page organization. We want to get the menu structure right and to use the right keywords before we move on to the next steps. As you browse the site, click through the menu to visit pages and just read the page title and the first sentence or so to get an idea what each page is intending to do.

When you review, please consider these questions:

  • Is the menu and page organization intuitive?
  • Do the words and terms used in the menu work well?
  • Is the page you land on what you expected when you saw it listed in the menu?

Thank you for your time looking over this draft menu structure. Send your feedback and suggestions to Robert Beets (robertbeets@gmail.com).